Sweet Libby the dogWhen we all played in the sun and water in the Deep South, we believed iodine laced baby oil was the perfect “tanning” product. If we wanted to waste good money, we purchased Coppertone oils and lotions. I have blistered and peeled and blistered and peeled over the years.

Southerners have all types of remedies for sunbaked skin. Most remedies, in fact, are not. After my annual visit to my dermatologist, I pondered a hydra facial.

I mentioned it to my sweet sister, Kate, and she readily provided me with a gift for such facial. This was not my first facial. It was my second. My first facial was performed in an upscale spa-type salon in Houston where both I and the aesthetician had different expectations of the experience. Anyway, I am certain the hydra facial machine was not a Koblenz industrial dry vac with an itty-bitty nozzle attachment, but there was an eery likeness. The suction was not as overpowering as one might imagine from the noise.

Nevertheless, I did tighten my grip on the side of the table a time or two. While I was not pulled onto the floor, I do believe a nose ring might be damaged if not removed. I can’t tell much difference a day later. No one has commented on how much younger I look. My granddad kept a bar of Lava soap on the bathroom sink. He was a carpenter by trade and the pumice in the soap scrubbed his old weathered hands as clean as possible. I think I’ll keep a bar of Lava Soap in the shower for facial treatments. You’ll have to tell me next time you see me if I’m still as good looking as ever.