The expression “read between the lines” means to look closely at what the author implied or actually felt versus what was written. More simply, what is meant. I’ve been in a pondering mood of late. I finished up a year-long project on July 22 — fourteen months if you cross the days off a calendar. I kept most of my notes and all of the emails during this time. I had to verify a “fact” last week which entailed rifling through more than a few emails. I found what I needed. In the process I recalled moments of this project’s journey.
I wonder . . . do or can we live between the lines? I know this is one of those “how high is up” questions, but I wonder. The lights dim. The music plays. Another dimension forms. Do you dare step in? Do you risk living in this slightly intoxicating world of make-believe? Secret messages were written in invisible ink hidden between the lines of a letter. Perhaps it is an invisible life we lead between the lines. I wonder . . . how high is up?