On the set of Shakin' the Blue Flamingo

On the set of Shakin’ the Blue Flamingo, (from left to right) Allison Smith, Stage Manager, Gwen Flager, Playwright, and director Claire Hart-Palumbo.

I’ve been eatin’ at Edna’s for the last couple of months. I can recommend the fried pickles and meatloaf sandwich. But, I’d steer clear of her egg salad. Memories wash over me as decades old songs play on Edna’s jukebox. Feelings long forgotten surface. My emotions are pulled into unfamiliar, yet intoxicating places.

I’m nineteen again, whistling down the Alabama coast roads, daring to be braver than I am. I boil the fresh blue crabs I pulled from the trap this morning. Got company coming for breakfast. I promised a crab omelet. Gramma Hilda’s enamel coffee pot percolates a dark roasted Louisiana blend on the gas stove. I smell of saltwater and suntan oil. I am invincible. I am in love with life.

A tender love song plays on Edna’s jukebox. I believe I’ll have that last slice of coconut pie peaking out from the glass pie stand. And order one more cup of coffee before I go. I’m no longer nineteen and no longer invincible. But, I am still in love with life.