This about sums up Houston weather from May to October. Hail exploded in the Spring Branch area on May 9th. As we drove home from a theatre fundraiser, the skies darkened the further west we traveled. Pea size hail began to fall after we turned north. In another block, the pea size turned into marble size and then golf ball size hail. There was no running from the icy onslaught. It felt and sounded like we were in a rock storm. The windshield cracked before I  could pull into the driveway. The roof on the house didn’t fare any better. A new windshield and body work repair fixed up the car. A new roof took care of the hail damaged shingles.
September 19th brought flooding to my subdivision. Streets became impassable. The rain was eerily unrelenting.  The water rose quickly. There was nothing to do and no place to go. Within an hour water had reached the middle of the front yard. Neighbors on the low side of the street held their breath as the water climbed into their driveways and, in some cases, flooded their homes. I watched the lightning explode and felt the thunder rattle the house. Once again, Houston “flooding” made the news and once again, lives were up ended by the uncertainty of tropical Texas weather.
The summer of 2019 has felt like the LONGEST summer in recent memory. Not the HOTTEST mind you, but, have mercy, the longest. The recorded temperature on October 4th was 93 degrees. It is, after all, October, a fall month.  The high dollar nursery down the way is selling pumpkins and Christmas trees. I told a sweet young man as he rang up my weed killer product that I could not in good conscience purchase a Christmas tree in 90 degree weather. He smiled.
The forecast is for cooler temps within the next few days and then a promise of a “cold” front later in the month. I’m ready.