The onion died. I may have over watered it. Over watering is a common occurrence in Houston. I purchased four little ornamental cabbages and a lavender about a month ago. As of this morning, the plants are thriving on the back porch. While the cabbages need a moist soil and the lavender prefers drier conditions, they are peacefully existing on the same porch, enjoying the sunrise and ending their day by the light of the moon. You ought not eat an ornamental cabbage. While eating it won’t kill you (or so I’ve been told), I hear the leaves are bitter. There isn’t enough salt pork in Texas to make that right.

Just because you give something a name, doesn’t mean that’s what it is. There’s a lot of name calling going on these days. You can read the vilification of men and woman on all social media platforms and hear it spewed from radio and tv stations, read it on websites and so-called experts’ Facebook and Twitter pages. And if you look a bit further, you’ll be informed by no one in particular who is to blame for your troubles.

I suspect many people do NOT comprehend what they read. I suspect many people do NOT understand what they hear. I know many people refuse to question the reliability or accuracy of information, whether in a headline or a stay-tuned breaking news teaser.

I believe that families looking for child care investigate the facility and the personnel who work there. I believe that ranchers/horse breeders vet the credentials of other breeders and the bloodlines of their livestock. We check the who, what, when and where regarding our food. Why do we not evaluate the information pushed on us, whispered to us or written on a flyer hanging from our front doorknob touted by local, state and federal government officials, businesses or even Rachel with Cardholder Services? Confirmation bias? Lazy? Ignorant? Apathy?

I wish we could all sit and visit about our concerns. I hope we can find a common thread that weaves in and out of our very different life experiences. Many a heartache has been eased while visiting over a cup of coffee or an adult beverage. I have family and friends who have and would sit with me. We should be able to hold space for each other. We need to figure that out. In the meantime, don’t eat the ornamental cabbage.